The McCord & Burns Law Firm is a Lincoln, Nebraska Law Firm that limits its practice primarily to serious personal injury cases related to MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS and WORKPLACE INJURIES. This is what the McCord & Burns Law Firm has done almost exclusively for many years while recovering millions of dollars for its injured clients. Between the two partners in the law firm, Dan L. McCord and Julie Shipman-Burns, the firm has over 35 years of experience in handling personal injury claims. With the recent addition of Susan M. Kemp as an associate attorney in the firm, the firm has been able to expand the number of cases it is able to handle.

Our Law Firm made headlines in 2003 when one of our clients obtained a verdict of $19,562,000.00 in a Lincoln, Nebraska jury trial lasting almost six weeks. Shipler v. General Motors Corporation, et al. This appears to be the largest verdict of its kind ever obtained in a contested jury trial in Nebraska.

The firm does the majority of its work on a contingent fee basis, which means that the firm receives a portion of the recovery obtained. If there is no recovery there is no fee. The advantage of the contingent fee is that an injured person without the necessary funds to hire a lawyer on an hourly fee basis (which can be $150.00 per hour or more) can still obtain legal representation without the fear of becoming debt ridden with attorney’s fees. As a general rule our firm charges a contingent fee of 1/3, which is common in the legal profession.

There is no charge for a telephone call to determine if you have a case, and whether the McCord & Burns Law Firm is willing to represent you.

To contact us from the Lincoln area call 474-2736.
Our toll free number is 800-728-6590.

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